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Lace Locks shoelace accessories are a complete #BowlessShoeSystems designed for people who are too cool to wear bows, too lazy to tie bows or too young to do bows.

Lace Locks eliminate the need to tie and wear ugly bows on your sneakers, sports and street shoes. In fact lace locks are designed to fit almost all types of shoes and turn your favourite lace ups into effortless slip ons.

Not only are Lace Locks easy to use and install they are also comfortable and incredibly discreet. Grab your New Zealand designed and made Lace Locks today and say no to bows.

I can wear my Lace Locks when I am riding & stunting, they mean I don’t have bows that could get caught up in my cranks. They look cool, I don’t feel them in my shoes & I know they will stay tight no matter how hard out I go.

— Rico Bearman, 4 time world champion BMX rider, NZ —



Lace Locks are designed and manufactured with both aesthetics and comfort in mind, so whether you’re after that smooth, unobstructed, modern look or you simply need a way to keep your laces tight while on the go, then Lace Locks are the answer. Lace Locks are the complete #BowlessShoeSystem’s for your pair of favorite kicks.


Lace Locks enable you to wear your shoes with a clean & smooth look. There really is no need to kick around with big ugly bows or laces slipped inside your shoes. Lace Locks are the perfect solution for keeping your shoes snug without compromising your style. Just say no to bows!


Alternative lacing styles for your shoes are on trend right now. Show off your personality with an alternative lacing design locked firmly in place with Lace Locks. Lace Locks are designed for both thick and thin lace types so not only can you use different coloured shoelaces but you can also mix up your lace thickness. Do it your way! Start a trend!


What good would your favourite shoes be without ultimate comfort? Forget tucking your shoelaces inside your shoes or sporting bulging knots – that hurts! Lace Locks allow you to comfortably lock your laces into place permanently.


Never retie your shoelaces again. Lace Locks make wearing shoes drama free with perfectly tensioned shoelaces every time you slip on your shoes. Lace Locks are ideal for high impact sports, streetwear or anything in between.


You can play as hard as you want in your Lace Locks because they are built to last. Lace Locks are made from durable materials right here in New Zealand and are quality control tested under tight regulations. Your Lace Locks will last the lifetime of your shoes in even your most worn pair of kicks.

  • “Where were these like 2 years ago? I can style my photo shoots using Lace Locks & I get a streamlined look for all my shoes. They make my life so much easier & my photo shoots look cleaner. The models always ask if they can take the Lace Locks home with them.”

    — Jezi Steele, Freelance Stylist Wellington —
  • “I LOVE my Lace Locks! I was hooked as soon as I fitted them. They make getting out the door so much quicker in the mornings, & now gone are those ugly laces that hang everywhere. My kids are also able to use them, which saves valuable time. Plus you don’t feel them in your shoes, they are like a little secret that I want to tell everyone about!”

    — Sarah Weber, Auckland Mum & Photographer —


Where can I buy Lace locks?

Lace Locks shoelace accessories #BowlessShoeSystems are stocked only in store by trusted retailers.

Full list of Lace Locks stockists coming soon!


    Call us today to become a Lace Locks stockist 0800 LACELOCKS

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